SunUs brand Established in 2000

Spirit of innovation and R&D like sun running keeps moving forwards day after day.

The company began with Tungli Gear Works. The company founder set up its own brand, SunUs, until 2000, and recalled that he went back and forth at home and abroad in his early days to expand the business. Different time zones let his watch read late at night while the scene outside of the plane was still daytime, which made him deeply impressed. To deliver brand orientation and spirit, SunUs brand logo was born. The design was inspired by the planets continuing running around stars from ancient times as the Sun is always shining on us — passing a mission of sustainable operation.

More than 55-year experience in gear manufacture

SunUs, possessing excellent and outstanding design ability, sophisticated experience in making various gears for more than 55 years, and perception of both quality assurance and customer satisfaction, has been producing high quality, low backlash, and long life planetary gear reducers, especially for servo motors.

Professional services

  • Design and manufacture of planetary gear reducers, reducer transmission mechanisms, and precision transmission components
  • Design and manufacture of customized planetary gear reducers
  • Manufacture of precision ground racks and pinions, and both worm and worm gears



SunUs had been dedicating to gear manufacture and development, equipped with advanced devices from Germany, Switzerland, and Japan, and accumulated more than 55 years of manufacturing experience.


The company, built up in Xitun District, Taichung City in November 2000, focused on design and manufacture of planetary gear reducers, important CNC elements.


The PG series of precision planetary gear reducer was released in January 2001.


SunUs was relocated in Dashun St., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City in June 2004.


The HG series, hollow output shaft featured, precision planetary gear reducer, was launched in January 2005.


SunUs strove for manufacturing precision ground racks in January 2006.

In the persistent pursuit of management ideas in quality, future, and being innovating, R&D, remarkable, and outstanding, ISO 9001 identification, introduced into in October 2006, moved SunUs manufacture and management forwards.


The HB series, high-speed precision planetary gear reducer, was available in January 2007.

The UG series, high-torque precision planetary gear reducer, went public in April 2007.

SunUs was granted IS0 9001 in design and manufacture of planetary gear reducers in August 2007.


The DMU series, a twin-drive electrical backlash-free system, was introduced to the market in January 2009.


The second plant was set up in Fengshi Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City in January 2010.

Backlash-free worm gear reducers, especially for the W axle of the CNC gantry, were in season in March 2010.


The backlash-free preloaded system was patented and introduced into the market in March 2013.


The HG series was rewarded with the 24th Taiwan Excellence Awards.


SunUs was relocated to the Fengshi Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City in January 2017; and the first and second plants were merged for better management.

SunUs was certified IS0 9001 2015 in the design and manufacturing of planetary gear reducers in August 2017.


SunUs has introduced high-precision slewing bearing in 2018.